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September 28, 2007

I forgot this site was even here!  …..
The Eastside Business news site and links to the current blog are now at EastsideBusinessJournal.com

The Eastside real estate search site and Search for Seattle homes sites are now live and active.

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Microsoft Announces Quarterly Earnings Release Date

September 30, 2006

Microsoft to Host Earnings Conference Call Webcast

Microsoft Corp. will release fiscal 2007 first quarter financial results after the close of the market on Thursday, Oct. 26, 2006. A live Webcast of the earnings conference call will be made available at 2:30 p.m. Pacific Time on the Microsoft Investor Relations Web site at http://www.microsoft.com/msft .

Redmond Loses Appeal On Unconstitutionality of Sign Ordinance

September 16, 2006

An article in the Seattle Times, by Rachael Tuinstra talks about how Blazing Bagels owner Dennis Ballen won an appeal to keep his outdoor advertising signs Friday when the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed an earlier district-court ruling that the City of Redmond‘s ban on portable signs is unconstitutional.

Celebrity Chef For New Bellevue Japanese Fusion Restaurant Performs Galleria Suymmer Concert Series Cooking Demonstration

September 8, 2006

National award-winning Chef Warren Seta, assisted by Sushi Chef Sim Sung Honda will be performing a contemporary Japanese fusion cooking demonstration Thursday, September 14, from 11:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. as a highlight of the Bellevue Downtown Association’s Galleria summer concert series.

Seta will be chef at the new Yama Japanese fusion cuisine restaurant slated to open in late October on the third floor of the Galleria, 550 106th Ave. N.E..

The cooking demonstration will be interactive between the two nationally recognized chefs. Chef Seta will be preparing a dish that won several national accolades at his former restaurant.

Originally from Hawaii, Seta has over 25 years experience in the restaurant business. In 1981 he left Hawaii, and in 1996 acquired the well-known Las Vegas Japanese restaurant, Mizuno’s Japanese Steak House, located at the Tropicana Resort & Casino. Under his direction Mizunos was voted “Best Restaurant in Las Vegas,” as well as one of the top ten in the U.S. by the National Restaurant and Hospitality Group.

Seta opened Malibu Chan’s in November 1999. It soon became recognized as the hip restaurant in Las Vegas, with its signature menu focusing on comfort foods infused with the flavors of Asia and the Southwest. Since then Seta and the restaurant have received numerous awards and accolades, including the Millennium International Award of Excellence as one of America’s great chefs.

Executive chef Warren Seta, former chef/owner of Mizuno’s and Malibu Chan’s in Las Vegas was sought out by Yama Restaurant owner Alex Han. He wanted to ensure his restaurant would quickly gain regional and national attention as the “best of the best” in sushi and grilled fish infused with creative compliments, i.e. rock shrimp tempura fondue. The concept created by Han immediately captured the attention of the nationally recognized restaurant developer / renowned chef.

Yama Restaurant is slated to open in late October in Bellevue’s Galleria, 550-106th Avenue N.E., third floor. The Japanese restaurant, the Pearl of the Eastside will feature sushi and grilled seafood on the lunch and dinner menus. For or more information, contact (425) 453-4007 or www.yamasushibellevue.com

Puget Sound Business Journals Want to Subscribe to Eastside Business?

August 27, 2006

I was recently going through a backlog of emails and came across someone who wanted to be sent and billed for two subscriptions to Eastside Business.  She stated her name and title of Administrative Assistant, but failed to mention the name of her company.  I thought this was curious, but a quick check of her email address shows that she works for American City Business Journals “the nation’s largest publisher of metropolitan business newspapers”.  American City owns the Puget Sound Business Journal and coincidently last year sent their lawyers (both in New York and locally) to threaten yours truly and the Bellevue Business Journal.

The Am City Biz Journals attorneys made some ridiculous claims at that time that could not even be considered reasonable and their trademark application specifically states they are not trying to trademark the words “Business Journal”, so I figured they simply feel like they own Bellevue and the Eastside.  I beg to differ.

What really got me at the time was that they started legal threats without even calling to speak with me.  Mike Flynn didn’t even have the courtesy to have one of his people call me – they just sent in the legal eagles.  I’m sure we could have worked out a reasonable solution with some mutual cooperation, but the big guy just wanted to throw his weight around.

I hear Mike has since retired, but until this subscription request I hadn’t heard anything for PSBJ since their lawyers were last threatening legal action.

To make a long story longer, here was my reply to the request for subscriptions to Eastside Business from a staffer at American City / Puget Sound Business Journal:

That’s kind of funny Peggy – you wouldn’t even list the name of your company.  I know why – last year your company sent your attorneys after us threatening legal action and this year you want to subscribe ….

 I don’t think so.

 Nobody over there even had the courtesy (or guts) to give me a call to talk before sending in the lawyers and I don’t want to do business with such an organization.

 Even so, thank you for your interest in Eastside Business.

Joe Kennedy
Eastside Business


Any of our readers have any thoughts on this?  I’d like to know how you would have responded.

Thank You for Having Me As A Contributor to the Eastside Business Blog

August 24, 2006

This is gonna be great! I appreciate the opportunity to be a contributor to the Eastside Business Blog and look forward to the group of bloggers to grow rapidly.

If you have something you would like me to write on, please send me an email at JoshuaYoung@EastsideBusiness.com

MyFamily.com, Inc. Acquires Encounter Technologies as Company Moves to Expand Site and Offer New Services

April 30, 2006

MyFamily.com, Inc., recently announced the acquisition of Encounter Technologies as company moves to expand the MyFamily web service.

On this day, Encounter is one of three companies to graduate from the Georgia Institute of Technology Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) in 2006. ATDC is a nationally recognized science and technology incubator that helps Georgia entrepreneurs launch and build successful companies.
The acquisition of Encounter Technologies is another strategic step MyFamily is making to grow their team and develop technology that will give families innovative ways to connect and share on the Web.
Other strategic steps include a new generation of executive talent that Tim Sullivan, President and CEO of MyFamily.com, Inc. has attracted to pioneer the next wave of the company's growth and innovation. Michael Graff, a former Microsoft executive, is chief among them and recently joined MyFamily as a Senior Vice President and General Manager of the MyFamily business unit. With the acquisition of Encounter Technologies, MyFamily appoints Encounter Technologies' founder Hoyt Prisock to Vice President of Strategy and Business Development of the MyFamily web service.
"The decision to acquire Encounter was centered on the new valuable Web experiences they have been developing as well as the expertise and passion that Hoyt Prisock and his team bring to our organization," said Graff. "We believe that this winning combination will complement our vision for what we will deliver in the near future."
MyFamily has more than 3 millions members and is one of the first, and still one of the largest, family-oriented providers of private family web spaces on the internet. However, Graff noted, "Three million members is just the beginning. With the aggressive plans we have in place to improve the site and expand services, families have a lot to look forward to. As a result, we believe that many more families will choose MyFamily as their online gathering place to stay connected. Stay tuned."